Sunday, 26 May 2013

18th Party At A Castle!

hey there!

Two night's ago I attended an 18th birthday celebration in beautiful castle grounds where I live.It was held inside a heated marquee in the grounds,but there was seating outside and for some reason I spent a lot of my time outside having meaningful chats!

The castle and grounds was absolutely beautiful,but silly me with 4500 photos on my iPhone forgot to delete photo's before I went,so I took loads and 90% of them saved as grey boxes and I only took like 10 anyway...I always get angry at myself after for not taking more but in the moment you're so happy you forget,but many people had their snazzy camera's so I'll insert their photos here.(hope they don't mind..unless I magically become famous they won't know but they're my friends so)

I'm in the orange dress,it was £30 in New Look, I normally find New Look clothing quite ill fitting,but this dress suits me perfectly I think,I love the colour and just everything.

I look terrified here because just a few minutes before I was taking a photo of the guy in the photo with me and a girl beside a statue and my heels got stuck in the grass,so here I'm like ah no please don't make me stand on the grass!

We were greeted with champagne!

My friend and his bitches haha

my awkward smile


It was such a lovely night,and really sunny and warm for once,which is such a rarity in Scotland where I live!

Au revoir 

P.S - I spent ages on my make-up because my skin isn't very good at the moment so I actually spent a long time until my face was flawless,and I was actually really happy with the outcome and many people complimented my make-up which I was flattered by. If you want close-up shots and a sort of tutorial let me know (not that anyone reads my blog)

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