Monday, 5 August 2013

TempleSpa; Purification Deep Cleansing Clay Mask - Review

My mum recently hosted a Temple Spa 'party' at our house,where basically someone who works for the company comes round and talks about the company's products,and the guests can order products if they wish. I've never really heard of the brand apart from my mum saying it was brilliant,but I assumed it was all for older women's skin. However,without me knowing my mum bought me the Cleansing Clay Mask without me knowing. It's especially for oily skin,and I have really oily skin.
I've used it three times now,as it says you can use daily,but will probably cut down to once every few days or once a week, I just wanted to see the effects.
Looks extremely appealing..

After just using this a couple of times,I have already seen a difference in my skin. You can leave it on for 5,10,or 20 minutes,and as I was short on time I firstly only used it for 5.

After a few minutes I started breaking out and panicked,but then read the information and saw that is the point,to draw out your impurities and clear the pores. After using it a couple more times my skin is clearing up,it is far less red and my pores are much less visible,as all the impurities have been drawn out of them.
I'll definitely continue using this as it is really working for my oily skin.

You can also dot it on problem areas and leave it on overnight,with the same effect,just cover your pillow with a towel!

I splash my face with cold water and exfoliate after using it,as this closes the pores and gets rid of the dead skin on my face.

The only slight con is the cost,this retails at £22, which is pretty steep. However,although it's extremely thick,I only needed about a 5p coin sized lump to cover my entire face.

I did take a photo of the mask on my face,but not sure you want to see that,it isn't the prettiest sight!

Saturday, 20 July 2013


So many post ideas and been taking loads of photos for blog posts but I'm so busy right now and can't seem to get round to it.

Back soon I promise! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Is Finally Here!!

So they past few days have been super hot where I live(and by super hot I mean between 20-25C,which is sweltering for the very North of Scotland).Finally,we've been given some sunshine and heat,and it's lovely! The past few days I've been strawberry picking,had barbecues and gone on day trips with family and friends,good weather really means you can do so much more.I thought I'd share some photos of the past week.

A bit of a rubbish photo as my sister and I drove to pick strawberries at a  farm about 40 minutes away,I love road trips
My heaven!

Family Barbecue last night.

Are you enjoying the heatwave if you're living in the UK?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Songs I've Been Loving This Month!(June)

I think I'm going crazy since leaving school,is it bad I'm not sure whether I should have those capitals in the title or just the first word?!)
Anyway,I've been loving a lot of music recently so I thought I'd maybe start this feature and see how it goes!

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be
I really like quite a lot of Frank Turner's music,for a while I had We Shall Not Overcome on repeat,and after hearing this on the radio I'm currently loving The Way I Tend To Be ,it really relates to me and makes me feel really mushy.

Passenger - All The Little Lights

To be honest I've had his whole album on repeat and love every single song,but this one especially touches 

Bastille- Laura Palmer
Again,I love the whole album and have it on repeat when I'm in the shower but this is one of my favourite songs,along with Overjoyed and Icarus.ALL OF THEM!

Tom Odell- Another Love
I loved this when I first heard it on Radio 1 but now they've overplayed it,but I still love it,although it's extremely sad and makes me cry!It's beautiful.

Kodaline - All I want
Rediscovered this recently,I heard it a few months ago but listened to it and never downloaded it. I love this so much,it's really haunting and the video is so so touching.

I kind of have about ten more songs I've loved this month(it's July,just,but shh) but am beginning to overplay,like Treasure by Bruno Mars,but you're probably bored of me rambling!

(Wow no blogging for 10 days then 3 posts in one night is how I roll,I should space them out but I hate making drafts I want to post them now!)

What songs are you loving?

TAG:25 Things About Me!

25 Facts About Me!

(Cute toddler photo,can you guess which is me?!) 

1. I was born in Germany,I live in Scotland but I'm 100% English(long story)
2.I have two siblings, one is 20 and the other is 22(she doesn't find it cool that Taylor Swift's song relates to her,I do!)
3.I have 6 chickens a dog and a rabbit.
4.I love languages.
5. I'm scared  of change.
6.I'm scared of letting people in.
7. I hate how I look.
8.I'm 5'8
9. I love strawberries.
10. I am always always always hungry,my metabolism is crazy fast
11. I got into Youtube properly when someone at school told me I looked like Tanya Burr! After forgetting the name I tweeted the girl but she didn't reply,so I googled anya burr,and all sorts of names before finally finding Tanya!I don't see any similarity,I wish I looked like her though!)
12.I'm a clean freak.
13.But I' m extremely messy
14.I have my showers boiling hot
15. I don't believe  in God.
16. I'm 17(18 in 10 days!)
17. I only open up when I'm drunk.
18. I get attached very easily.
19. I love reading,mostly romantic books because I'm a sap.
20.I love romance films and romcoms.
21. I can't watch scary films or programmes because my mind spins and I have nightmares for months and am scared to go to bed(Crimewatch.Awful.)
22.I want to be fluent in French one day.
23. I love One Direction.
24. I love 'rubbish' tv,it's my favourite(Keeping Up With The Kardashians,Teen Mom,16 and Pregnant)
25. I could read blogs and watch YouTube videos all day!

I was tagged by the lovely Penny of you should go check out her blog :)
 I TAG: Lisa-
        Have a lovely evening(if you are in a different timezone,have a lovely evening tonight,or have a lovely sleep!)

30 Day Snap #30 (AND APOLOGIES!)

ahh I know,I missed ten days.I've just really,really not been up to much they would have been of my dog or dinner.Which I just thought would have been boring!Also,for some reason our internet went over even though 99.9% of the time I'm on my phone,so I wasn't really allowed on my laptop(but it went over even when I stopped using it so my parents and sister were the offenders,not me as all I did was do a few blogposts,everything else I do on my phone!)Sorry for being so absent,I'll try to post more often(even though I'm sure no-one was saying oh no!Alice hasn't posted,my day will be worse now!)

I went to the beach yesterday with my Mum and Dad but stupidly only took videos,and got my mum to take a photo of me on the beach but it was so so windy and I had no make-up on so I don't really want to post that,haha.HOWEVER I made a banoffee pie when I got home so here's a photo of it:

It was so simple to make(just let me know if any of you want the recipe) and extremely delicious if I do say so myself!I was just in Tesco with my mum and I was like I would LOVE you to make a banoffee pie it's my favourite dessert and I haven't eaten it in years.Then I thought why don't I make it,so voila!

Okay going to post 2 snaps as it looked pretty cool before I covered it in cream! 


Louise,I've failed you!I really enjoyed taking snaps though and hope you enjoyed seeing them,let me know if you completed or even attempted the challenge so I can see your pictures!

Tag created by the beautiful Louise,who feels like my internet mummy and sister.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

30 Day Snap #20

Whoops where did 3 days of my life go..yesterday I didn't take a photo and the day before I was just restoring my phone.

One of my best friends is going to Ibiza for the 6th year holiday tomorrow,the whole year went a few days ago but her and my other friend are going out a little late as they booked it later.
I was laughing here re-enacting Titanic but I actually really like this photo.I just look free and it looks so vast,open,beautiful and peaceful.(Enough adjectives Alice?)(there was a rock jutting out from the sand and it sunk further into the water so it looks like I'm not standing on anything ;))

I hadn't seen her for like two weeks,so tonight she drove to mine and we just chose random left's and right's and ended up a little beach at a small town in the countryside.
One thing I love about where I live is within about 10 minutes of driving,you are in the countryside or at a beach or lake and it's just so refreshing to go on drives at night rather than stay in watching tv.I had such a lovely time with her and for the first time in my life I managed to skim a stone(3 times!!) okay it was basically a slate but still.

Basically just a beautiful evening and I felt refreshed and calm.I took loads of photo's but even though Louise includes two sometimes I feel like I have to keep it to one,weird I know.
Wasn't so great when I was on cloud 9 and then came home to an e-mail saying I didn't get a job,they didn't even take me to interview stage.Ah well.

Tag created by the gorgeous Louise


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap #17

Sorry for being late,my life is the opposite of hectic right now but I'm feeling sort of down and blogging,even though I enjoy it,I normally blog at night and the past few nights I've just been too sad to whip out my laptop! Feeling the same tonight,but it was bugging me not posting!

Took this a couple of days ago when I picked strawberries from my garden in the morning :)

Tag created by the lovely and ever inspiring Louise 
have a lovely day/night :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

30 Day Snap #16

It was fathers day today,I took a photo of a cake I made him but then when I was walking my dog I snapped this,and thought it was too pretty not to put on here,so here you go!
I just gave my dog a short walk up to my local shop and then round the back and through these woods,it's miserable in winter but in summer it's so pretty as suddenly the grass grows crazy long and all the wild flowers bloom!

Tag created by Louise,my favourite person on the interwebs

30 Day Snap #15

For the first time I'm posting the photo the day after instead of on the day :( forgot about my blog for a day!

This was my nails the morning after I painted them.I love the colour(AWOL by Topshop) but..again..I had to remove them because they were chipped ALREADY.What am I doing wrong?I use a basecoat,then two coats of the nail polish,then a good quality topcoat,leave to try completely.And they still chip within a day or two at most. So frustrating :( (My thumbs hiding a chip on the third finger..)

Tag created by the beautiful Louise who inspires me every day

Friday, 14 June 2013

30 Day Snap #14

Eek,I've missed 2 or 3 days of snaps now,sorry! I know I should have just put up the photo's I took for each day but they were so boring,I didn't really want the lettuce I picked for my lunch on my blog.

Tonight my friend hosted a casual girls night where we fundamentally: eat,talk and paint our nails.

She has a pretty big collection,I wish I had the money to own this many,I'm not actually that much of a fan of painting my nails because even with a topcoat etc and good quality nail polish,it chips within 2 days and I have to remove it,after spending hours on painting them.

I arranged them in (sort of) colour order!I arranged them more accurately after but didn't take a photo and I don't know why it's cut out the blacks on the right hand side..I ramble so much.
(panorama fail)

(I was going to post photo's of what colour I painted my nails but I sort of rushed them so they're messy around the edges and I don't want to move from my bed to tidy them up,so I may take photo's tomorrow after I tidy the edges up.)


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

30 Day Snap #12 /FOTD

Sorry to miss out yesterday's snap but my day was mega boring,literally had nothing to photograph,sorry!
Today I just handed in school books and went to the retail park with my friends for a Starbucks,but I didn't get anything so couldn't take a photo of that either!

Here was my faaaace cause it's all I have taken a picture of today,and only for this post realising I had nothing else! Rocked a high ponytail after seeing Zoe's video,although I sometimes wear them they look much better after using Zoe's technique!(hair still wet from my shower in this photo!) Wish I looked like her!Although,the reason I got back into YouTube videos was because someone at school said I looked like Tanya Burr,so after forgetting her name and typing in variations I finally found Tanya Burr,and was so flattered because Tanya is so beautiful! I don't see it at all,I wish!!

                                        have a lovely morning/afternoon,evening wherever you are!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Graduation: Class of 2013!

So after 6 years,I graduated high school last night.I wasn't really sad because school wasn't the best of times,but I made loads of friends and stayed close to my group of friends from 1st year to 6th year(I live in Scotland so the education system is a bit different). I'll miss some people I guess,that I won't get to see again. The future terrifies me as I'm still umming and ahhing about what to do,and I'm torn between wanting to stay at school for the security and leaving,but I don't have a choice! But I try not to dwell on it too much.

This was my make-up before I went out(not great quality,taken on my iPhone)(my hair was not complying and I was in a huge rush,to get a professional photo taken before the graduation,so my makeup isn't great either,ah!)
(makeup photos taken into the light,so I look a bit like a ghost)

I wore : 

  • Colour Adapt Maxfactor Foundation in 45 Warm Almond(I had the maxfactor all day flawless but I went to repurchase and it was sold out so I bought this,it's in the same shade yet much darker and the texture  is greasy,would not recommend but I haven't had time to buy my old one again yet)
  • - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Warm Beige
  • - Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara
  • - No7 Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls
  • - Vue eyeshadow from the Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow Palette
  • - Guest List & Waif eyeshadows from the Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow Palette(used for eyebrows)
  • - Vie Out Of The Shadows  Light Diffusing Concealer
  • - Estée Lauder Red Lipstick (My friend put it in her handbag last night and I forgot to get it back,so I can't remember the shade)
  • - I also applied Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner just before I left but isn't pictured above,for me this eyeliner comes off so quickly,but I couldn't find my Lancôme eyeliner so it had to suffice.
  • My Dress is from New Look a couple of weeks ago(£26)
  • I curled my hair but even with copious amounts of hairspray my hair always returns to it's natural wave after an hour or so,annoyingly!)

I couldn't ask for a better group of friends,I'll insert some photo's I took on my Dad's camera(near the end of the night..I don't look great)   (We all piled in for one of my friends slots as she didn't want to go alone,and my Dad snuck in beside the professional photographer)
The Head Girl and I,who is my friend I love to bits(iphone photo)

 This is one of my best friends Emma,I love her dress(Again,back to posh camera so my dress looks a different colour.It was more pinky than this photo shows but more orange than the iphone photo's show!
(This is just to show my whole outfit,another one with one of my besties)

                                   It's the end of an era,I wonder where I'll be in 6 years time! 
                                                        (I really do ramble,apologies)


Monday, 10 June 2013

30 Day Snap #10

Today I graduated high school! Was planning on doing a long blog post with my makeup,outfit and photo's of the night but I just got home after going to a friends after the graduation ceremony,and it's nearing midnight and all the photos are on my dads camera,so I'll do one in the next couple of days.

Here's a snap of me and my friend..(bad quality quick picture sorrrry)
     (I'm on the left)

Again,this tag was created by the beautiful Louise

Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day Snap #9

Pretty boring one today:my lunch, haha!

I had a salad sandwich with homegrown lettuce out the garden and it was delicious so yay! My day was boring though,just watched youtube videos..oopsies. Graduation tomorrow,may do a whole blogpost on it,or just a snap?

This tag was created by the beautiful Louise

Have a lovely evening!


Aussie: Haircare Review!

So I've used Aussie for years now,it's the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever tried.Every product smells absolutely amazing and does wonders for my long,super thick hair.

As you can see,I've got quite a collection at the moment so I'll go through each!

                                                            Aussie:Mega Shampoo(£4.49)
So I wash my hair everyday,which I know is apparently bad for your hair,but my hair is so so thick and long so if I leave it for two days it's an absolute mess and greasy.
This shampoo is great,because,as it says on the bottle,it does not build up on your scalp and cause your hair to be greasy 'Myth:shampoos need to be changed often.Fact:only if they build up' It smells so delicious and unlike other shampoos I have tried,it doesn't make the hair at the top of my head flat and limp.

Aussie:Miracle Moist Conditioner(£4.49)
The Aussie Website says 'everyday moisture guaranteed' I use either this conditioner or the Miracle Shine Conditioner.This one contains Macadamia Nut Oil and smells,again,delicious! Although I don't use heat on my hair every day and my hair is in 'great condition' for its' length (hairdressers words,not mine haha!),my hair is naturally quite dry,so this conditioner is perfect and it gives it moisture and my hair is much softer for it.I wouldn't recommend it if you have fairly thin hair though,I think it would be a little heavy,but for average or thick hair,it's brilliant.

Aussie:Miracle Shine Conditioner(£5.99)
All the conditioners that I've tried before such as Pantene,that claim to make your hair super shiny,have never really worked for my hair.I guess they must for some people but my hairs natural texture just isn't soft and shiny.However,I have actually noticed a difference with this conditioner.My hair just looks shinier and healthier,and just looks healthier for it.Another great product.

Aussie:Aussome Volume Conditioner(£5.99)
To be honest,I'm not overly impressed with this product,I just see absolutely no difference in my hair for using it,my hair is thick but not naturally very voluminous so I thought it would maybe give me some volume at my scalp,but hasn't seemed to.I guess it might be because I leave my hair to dry naturally most days so maybe it needed blow drying upside down?I guess it does say for fine,limp hair and my hair isn't fine but I thought it would give me some volume.Anyway,not got much to rave about here.

Aussie: 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor(£4.99)
I really love this product.I probably use it about once every fortnight,and my hair feels so beautiful afterwards. I only get my hair cut about every 4 months(naughty) and think it's been longer than that currently,so I have quite a lot of split ends.I just hate going to the hairdressers after growing it and being back at square one and average length hair,again and again. Anyway,you can leave this on your hair for 1-3 minutes,depending on how much of a drink your hair is in need of! I normally get bored of waiting after 2 minutes so rinse it out then.I only apply if halfway down my hair or lower,as its very moisturising. I think that it makes the ends of my hair much softer and disguises my split ends.I should stop rambling now,overall I love it!This product is also my favourite smelling out of them all.

I've also used the Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner,which is great for long hair,but it recently ran out and thought I'd try some others just for a change.

Also,at the moment it's 3 for £10 on all Aussie Haircare at Boots,so go and stock up!

I'm also hoping the purchase their Frizz range and Serum,as sometimes my hair can be a little frizzy.

Bit of a long one today,(an hour and a half has passed,oops!)hope you don't mind and perhaps find it useful?


Saturday, 8 June 2013

30 Day Snap #8

So today was another super warm day,and I sat and read my book solidly from 12-5pm.I only started it yesterday oops.. I did put factor ten on..but I'm still quite burn't,but have super tan lines so yay! Tan lines aren't that interesting though so here's my snap.. (still not interesting but oh well)

This book is called 'An Abundance of Katherines' I really enjoyed this book,although as the plot sort of revolves around a formula the main character is making,I didn't really understand or enjoy the maths parts of it.Nevertheless it's a super good book! I don't read loads but I love romance and soppy novels,I think I've read all John Green's books now, I might do a small review on each.

Again,this tag was created by the amazing Louise(sprinkleofglitter)

Wow I ramble.


Friday, 7 June 2013

30 Day Snap #7

So today it was super sunny and warm,I went out for lunch with my family in a lovely village surrounded by forest,across the bridge from where I live,to celebrate the end of my exams,and to be together before my sister jets off to Sri Lanka for two months tomorrow!

I did take a photo of my meal for the photo of the day and then a bluebell one..but my phone messed up,again and again,I realised they had saved as grey boxes so went back down the path to take another,it did it again,went back and finally got an ok one haha.This path was so beautiful and went on for ages with bluebells surrounding you.

The 30 Day Snap was created by the beautiful Louise(sprinkleofglitter) ,check out her blog to find out more and take part!I didn't think I'd keep this up for long,but so far,so good!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Day Snap #6

Today was super hot(for Scotland,anyway) ,and I made this for me and my sister for a mid afternoon snack.She asked if we had icecream(she's 22 and I'm 17..I'm a slave) and I went inside and saw we had some,but also saw we had frozen berries.

It actually tasted so delicious and refreshing,although my sensitive filling didn't thank me,I was squealing when the frozen raspberry it hit a nerve.

hope you had a good day! This tag was created by Louise of Sprinkleofglitter,let me know if you're taking part in the 30 Day Snap so I can have a look at your snaps!

25 Facts About Me!

I couldn't find a photo I was happy with so have one of me that someone stopped me to take in the moment,I look a bit worse for wear.

1. I was born in Germany but I'm British (long story.)
2. I just graduated high school.
3. Strawberries are my favourite food in the themselves..dipped in name it.
4. I'm a huge clean freak
5. I'm extremely messy (not contradicting I swear,I have to shower day and night and have a clean bed etcetc,but my room is always messy..)
6. I have a crazy fast metabolism so feel faint if I don't eat for a few hours(super annoying)
7. I own 7 chickens,a  dog and a rabbit.
8. My dream holiday would be the Maldives or Mykonos,somewhere calm and beautiful.
9. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Peach Schnapps.
10. I love One Direction(alot)
11.One of my dreams is to see One Direction live but I can't do it currently.(anxiety)
12.One of my dreams is to ride in a hot air balloon,and has been my dream since I can remember.
13.I'm always in control of my dreams when I sleep..I thought everyone was 'in' them but apparently not..
14.I love cheese.
15.I'm extremely insecure.
16.I've never had a boyfriend
17. I take so many photographs.I've had my iPhone since January(6months) and I've got 5000 photos,and thats with deleting about 500 every couple of months to try keep it down..)
18. I'm scared I will never get anywhere in life.
19. I love the colour mint.
20. I really want a typewriter(ah the sound ahh)
21. I have 2 sisters,aged 20 and 22
22. I love languages,and have just sat exams for Spanish,Italian and French.
23. I love elephants.
24.I'm very paranoid and hate walking alone at night because my mind races.
25. I hate pies.(just the hard pastry euugh)

Favourite Blogs!

I'm just lying in my garden sunbathing and felt like blogging,so here I am!

I'm just going to highlight and write a little about my favourite blogs, just because.I remember a few years ago a post on tumblr going around linking to "schoee" blog,and it was an article on anxiety that I related to . I forgot about it for a few years but last year I found her blog again and started watching her YouTube videos, I'd also started watching other you tubers at this time.

So that takes me onto my first favourite Zoe's blog!  (Click the link to be taken to
(all copyright to Zoe for this photo)

I really love both Zoe's blog and youtube,she has a lovely bubbly personality and seems extremely genuine, the kind of person I'd love to have as a friend. Her videos and blog posts on just saying yes & panic attacks have really helped me and made me feel less alone.I could write a whole blog on this but I guess I'll stop here,this looks like an advertising segment bloggers do but it's not because I obviously have no audience and these lovely ladies have huge ones!

The second blog I love is the beautiful Louise ! (Sprinkleofglitter)
(all copyright goes to Louise for the beautiful photo)
I again first watched her YouTube videos,before hopping over to her blog. She is beautiful and so strong and such an inspiration to me, her blog and videos cheer me up on my worst days. I just want to give her a huge hug,she feels like a big sister to me!shes also a mama and her videos with Baby Glitter are the cutest thing ever. I aspire to be like her.

So these are my two main ones, I also love Tanya burr and others but don't venture onto her blog as often.


P.S ; how do I change my timezone on here because my posts say for example they were posted at 2pm when actually I post them at 10pm or something .
Eg just posting this at 3.50pm but it won't say that on my blog ?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Midnight Blogging.

For reasons I won't go into I've never had a job and now I've left school and am not sure whether I will go to university next year or never,again for the same reason i haven't had a job,I need to find a job now and I'm so terrified. I found this quote on Pinterest and it really inspired me,I hope it inspires you too.

Definitely talking to myself on here,got so little views and one member(thank you !) but I will persevere

30 Day Snap #5

Today I had my last ever school exam EVER! It was Higher Spanish and I think it went alright,so fingers crossed.

I had my exam 9am-12pm and then just chilled in my house from 12-4 because the weather was rubbish,but the sun has just come out (finally!) so I'm going to go outside and take a photo to insert here (also,all the photo's during this challenge are taken on my iPhone 4s)

Just took this candid photo of my dog below the cherry blossom tree,she's so pretty!
Louise created this tag(I love her so much wah)


30 Day Snap #4

Bit late uploading this one,didn't get round to taking a photo till last night and had an exam today!

I was inside all day yesterday "revising " but wrote down the times I did and done a total of 30 minutes ..

The exam was so random though I didn't feel at a disadvantage.
Here's a photo I took yesterday out my window. Now to go outside and take one for today!

This tag was created by Louise (sprinkleofglitter)


Monday, 3 June 2013

30 Day Snap #3

Today my friend had a leaving barbecue at the local 'beach'. I put it in speech marks because its all pebbles haha. I stupidly forgot to get a photo with her,she's off to America for 3 months to do Camp America!

Here's a photo I took of me and another friend,who's leaving me in August for South Africa for an entire year.She's one of my best friends and I can't imagine life without her,it's going to be tough,I'm like a part of her family.

Not the most flattering photo as I didn't quite know when she was taking it,and I hate my smile..but anyway! Louise would want me to be positive :) (I'm left)

Again,this tag was created by Louise(sprinkleofglitter)


Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day Snap #2

My friend gave me a Wreck This Journal as a birthday present last year,and I go through phases of doing loads in it,then not touching is for 8months. Today my sister is collaging a box for her friend and it inspired me to whip my WTJ out!
 I want to add to this page but I'm scared to ruin it..(the irony..but I want this page to look pretty and creative. I love all the philosophy products,but don't currently own any,but I love the inspirational quotes and the products themselves are amazing and smell delicious.I particularly love the quote on the Hope moisturiser,and am planning to purchase it very soon. *This quote reads 'where there is hope there can be faith,where there is faith miracles can occur.*

Once again,this tag was created by the beautiful sprinkleofglitter!


30 Day Snap #1

So I've been planning to do this challenge for a while,but forgot about it until I looked on Louise's (sprinkleofglitter) blog this morning and realised it's now the 2nd of June!

I hardly took any photo's yesterday,but here is one I took last night,my friend got me coke with my name on it and brought it over for me,so sweet!
Sorry that it isn't the best quality,when I try save the photo on the instagram website it doesn't work,so i had to take a screenshot on google chrome.

This tag was created by the beautiful and wonderful Louise,who is my inspiration and role model,check her blog out here,she's pretty famous these days!

Now to think what I can photograph today...


Sunday, 26 May 2013

18th Party At A Castle!

hey there!

Two night's ago I attended an 18th birthday celebration in beautiful castle grounds where I live.It was held inside a heated marquee in the grounds,but there was seating outside and for some reason I spent a lot of my time outside having meaningful chats!

The castle and grounds was absolutely beautiful,but silly me with 4500 photos on my iPhone forgot to delete photo's before I went,so I took loads and 90% of them saved as grey boxes and I only took like 10 anyway...I always get angry at myself after for not taking more but in the moment you're so happy you forget,but many people had their snazzy camera's so I'll insert their photos here.(hope they don't mind..unless I magically become famous they won't know but they're my friends so)

I'm in the orange dress,it was £30 in New Look, I normally find New Look clothing quite ill fitting,but this dress suits me perfectly I think,I love the colour and just everything.

I look terrified here because just a few minutes before I was taking a photo of the guy in the photo with me and a girl beside a statue and my heels got stuck in the grass,so here I'm like ah no please don't make me stand on the grass!

We were greeted with champagne!

My friend and his bitches haha

my awkward smile


It was such a lovely night,and really sunny and warm for once,which is such a rarity in Scotland where I live!

Au revoir 

P.S - I spent ages on my make-up because my skin isn't very good at the moment so I actually spent a long time until my face was flawless,and I was actually really happy with the outcome and many people complimented my make-up which I was flattered by. If you want close-up shots and a sort of tutorial let me know (not that anyone reads my blog)