Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day Snap #2

My friend gave me a Wreck This Journal as a birthday present last year,and I go through phases of doing loads in it,then not touching is for 8months. Today my sister is collaging a box for her friend and it inspired me to whip my WTJ out!
 I want to add to this page but I'm scared to ruin it..(the irony..but I want this page to look pretty and creative. I love all the philosophy products,but don't currently own any,but I love the inspirational quotes and the products themselves are amazing and smell delicious.I particularly love the quote on the Hope moisturiser,and am planning to purchase it very soon. *This quote reads 'where there is hope there can be faith,where there is faith miracles can occur.*

Once again,this tag was created by the beautiful sprinkleofglitter!


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