Thursday, 6 June 2013

25 Facts About Me!

I couldn't find a photo I was happy with so have one of me that someone stopped me to take in the moment,I look a bit worse for wear.

1. I was born in Germany but I'm British (long story.)
2. I just graduated high school.
3. Strawberries are my favourite food in the themselves..dipped in name it.
4. I'm a huge clean freak
5. I'm extremely messy (not contradicting I swear,I have to shower day and night and have a clean bed etcetc,but my room is always messy..)
6. I have a crazy fast metabolism so feel faint if I don't eat for a few hours(super annoying)
7. I own 7 chickens,a  dog and a rabbit.
8. My dream holiday would be the Maldives or Mykonos,somewhere calm and beautiful.
9. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Peach Schnapps.
10. I love One Direction(alot)
11.One of my dreams is to see One Direction live but I can't do it currently.(anxiety)
12.One of my dreams is to ride in a hot air balloon,and has been my dream since I can remember.
13.I'm always in control of my dreams when I sleep..I thought everyone was 'in' them but apparently not..
14.I love cheese.
15.I'm extremely insecure.
16.I've never had a boyfriend
17. I take so many photographs.I've had my iPhone since January(6months) and I've got 5000 photos,and thats with deleting about 500 every couple of months to try keep it down..)
18. I'm scared I will never get anywhere in life.
19. I love the colour mint.
20. I really want a typewriter(ah the sound ahh)
21. I have 2 sisters,aged 20 and 22
22. I love languages,and have just sat exams for Spanish,Italian and French.
23. I love elephants.
24.I'm very paranoid and hate walking alone at night because my mind races.
25. I hate pies.(just the hard pastry euugh)

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