Sunday, 9 June 2013

Aussie: Haircare Review!

So I've used Aussie for years now,it's the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever tried.Every product smells absolutely amazing and does wonders for my long,super thick hair.

As you can see,I've got quite a collection at the moment so I'll go through each!

                                                            Aussie:Mega Shampoo(£4.49)
So I wash my hair everyday,which I know is apparently bad for your hair,but my hair is so so thick and long so if I leave it for two days it's an absolute mess and greasy.
This shampoo is great,because,as it says on the bottle,it does not build up on your scalp and cause your hair to be greasy 'Myth:shampoos need to be changed often.Fact:only if they build up' It smells so delicious and unlike other shampoos I have tried,it doesn't make the hair at the top of my head flat and limp.

Aussie:Miracle Moist Conditioner(£4.49)
The Aussie Website says 'everyday moisture guaranteed' I use either this conditioner or the Miracle Shine Conditioner.This one contains Macadamia Nut Oil and smells,again,delicious! Although I don't use heat on my hair every day and my hair is in 'great condition' for its' length (hairdressers words,not mine haha!),my hair is naturally quite dry,so this conditioner is perfect and it gives it moisture and my hair is much softer for it.I wouldn't recommend it if you have fairly thin hair though,I think it would be a little heavy,but for average or thick hair,it's brilliant.

Aussie:Miracle Shine Conditioner(£5.99)
All the conditioners that I've tried before such as Pantene,that claim to make your hair super shiny,have never really worked for my hair.I guess they must for some people but my hairs natural texture just isn't soft and shiny.However,I have actually noticed a difference with this conditioner.My hair just looks shinier and healthier,and just looks healthier for it.Another great product.

Aussie:Aussome Volume Conditioner(£5.99)
To be honest,I'm not overly impressed with this product,I just see absolutely no difference in my hair for using it,my hair is thick but not naturally very voluminous so I thought it would maybe give me some volume at my scalp,but hasn't seemed to.I guess it might be because I leave my hair to dry naturally most days so maybe it needed blow drying upside down?I guess it does say for fine,limp hair and my hair isn't fine but I thought it would give me some volume.Anyway,not got much to rave about here.

Aussie: 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor(£4.99)
I really love this product.I probably use it about once every fortnight,and my hair feels so beautiful afterwards. I only get my hair cut about every 4 months(naughty) and think it's been longer than that currently,so I have quite a lot of split ends.I just hate going to the hairdressers after growing it and being back at square one and average length hair,again and again. Anyway,you can leave this on your hair for 1-3 minutes,depending on how much of a drink your hair is in need of! I normally get bored of waiting after 2 minutes so rinse it out then.I only apply if halfway down my hair or lower,as its very moisturising. I think that it makes the ends of my hair much softer and disguises my split ends.I should stop rambling now,overall I love it!This product is also my favourite smelling out of them all.

I've also used the Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner,which is great for long hair,but it recently ran out and thought I'd try some others just for a change.

Also,at the moment it's 3 for £10 on all Aussie Haircare at Boots,so go and stock up!

I'm also hoping the purchase their Frizz range and Serum,as sometimes my hair can be a little frizzy.

Bit of a long one today,(an hour and a half has passed,oops!)hope you don't mind and perhaps find it useful?



  1. i think i definitely need the reconstructor! i suffer from split ends omg:((( x

    1. aw haha,yeah it's really good,definitely makes the ends of my hair softer!x