Friday, 7 June 2013

30 Day Snap #7

So today it was super sunny and warm,I went out for lunch with my family in a lovely village surrounded by forest,across the bridge from where I live,to celebrate the end of my exams,and to be together before my sister jets off to Sri Lanka for two months tomorrow!

I did take a photo of my meal for the photo of the day and then a bluebell one..but my phone messed up,again and again,I realised they had saved as grey boxes so went back down the path to take another,it did it again,went back and finally got an ok one haha.This path was so beautiful and went on for ages with bluebells surrounding you.

The 30 Day Snap was created by the beautiful Louise(sprinkleofglitter) ,check out her blog to find out more and take part!I didn't think I'd keep this up for long,but so far,so good!



  1. Sounds like your meal was lovely! I love restaurants and cafes in the middle of nowhere! xx

    1. aw thankyou,yes so do I it was so pretty!