Friday, 14 June 2013

30 Day Snap #14

Eek,I've missed 2 or 3 days of snaps now,sorry! I know I should have just put up the photo's I took for each day but they were so boring,I didn't really want the lettuce I picked for my lunch on my blog.

Tonight my friend hosted a casual girls night where we fundamentally: eat,talk and paint our nails.

She has a pretty big collection,I wish I had the money to own this many,I'm not actually that much of a fan of painting my nails because even with a topcoat etc and good quality nail polish,it chips within 2 days and I have to remove it,after spending hours on painting them.

I arranged them in (sort of) colour order!I arranged them more accurately after but didn't take a photo and I don't know why it's cut out the blacks on the right hand side..I ramble so much.
(panorama fail)

(I was going to post photo's of what colour I painted my nails but I sort of rushed them so they're messy around the edges and I don't want to move from my bed to tidy them up,so I may take photo's tomorrow after I tidy the edges up.)



  1. ooh i colour categorise my nail polishes as wel ;) bit ocd when it comes to things like that! i just like them all to look pretty ^_^

    1. haha,it's really satisfying and they look so much nicer!x