Saturday, 20 July 2013


So many post ideas and been taking loads of photos for blog posts but I'm so busy right now and can't seem to get round to it.

Back soon I promise! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Is Finally Here!!

So they past few days have been super hot where I live(and by super hot I mean between 20-25C,which is sweltering for the very North of Scotland).Finally,we've been given some sunshine and heat,and it's lovely! The past few days I've been strawberry picking,had barbecues and gone on day trips with family and friends,good weather really means you can do so much more.I thought I'd share some photos of the past week.

A bit of a rubbish photo as my sister and I drove to pick strawberries at a  farm about 40 minutes away,I love road trips
My heaven!

Family Barbecue last night.

Are you enjoying the heatwave if you're living in the UK?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Songs I've Been Loving This Month!(June)

I think I'm going crazy since leaving school,is it bad I'm not sure whether I should have those capitals in the title or just the first word?!)
Anyway,I've been loving a lot of music recently so I thought I'd maybe start this feature and see how it goes!

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be
I really like quite a lot of Frank Turner's music,for a while I had We Shall Not Overcome on repeat,and after hearing this on the radio I'm currently loving The Way I Tend To Be ,it really relates to me and makes me feel really mushy.

Passenger - All The Little Lights

To be honest I've had his whole album on repeat and love every single song,but this one especially touches 

Bastille- Laura Palmer
Again,I love the whole album and have it on repeat when I'm in the shower but this is one of my favourite songs,along with Overjoyed and Icarus.ALL OF THEM!

Tom Odell- Another Love
I loved this when I first heard it on Radio 1 but now they've overplayed it,but I still love it,although it's extremely sad and makes me cry!It's beautiful.

Kodaline - All I want
Rediscovered this recently,I heard it a few months ago but listened to it and never downloaded it. I love this so much,it's really haunting and the video is so so touching.

I kind of have about ten more songs I've loved this month(it's July,just,but shh) but am beginning to overplay,like Treasure by Bruno Mars,but you're probably bored of me rambling!

(Wow no blogging for 10 days then 3 posts in one night is how I roll,I should space them out but I hate making drafts I want to post them now!)

What songs are you loving?

TAG:25 Things About Me!

25 Facts About Me!

(Cute toddler photo,can you guess which is me?!) 

1. I was born in Germany,I live in Scotland but I'm 100% English(long story)
2.I have two siblings, one is 20 and the other is 22(she doesn't find it cool that Taylor Swift's song relates to her,I do!)
3.I have 6 chickens a dog and a rabbit.
4.I love languages.
5. I'm scared  of change.
6.I'm scared of letting people in.
7. I hate how I look.
8.I'm 5'8
9. I love strawberries.
10. I am always always always hungry,my metabolism is crazy fast
11. I got into Youtube properly when someone at school told me I looked like Tanya Burr! After forgetting the name I tweeted the girl but she didn't reply,so I googled anya burr,and all sorts of names before finally finding Tanya!I don't see any similarity,I wish I looked like her though!)
12.I'm a clean freak.
13.But I' m extremely messy
14.I have my showers boiling hot
15. I don't believe  in God.
16. I'm 17(18 in 10 days!)
17. I only open up when I'm drunk.
18. I get attached very easily.
19. I love reading,mostly romantic books because I'm a sap.
20.I love romance films and romcoms.
21. I can't watch scary films or programmes because my mind spins and I have nightmares for months and am scared to go to bed(Crimewatch.Awful.)
22.I want to be fluent in French one day.
23. I love One Direction.
24. I love 'rubbish' tv,it's my favourite(Keeping Up With The Kardashians,Teen Mom,16 and Pregnant)
25. I could read blogs and watch YouTube videos all day!

I was tagged by the lovely Penny of you should go check out her blog :)
 I TAG: Lisa-
        Have a lovely evening(if you are in a different timezone,have a lovely evening tonight,or have a lovely sleep!)

30 Day Snap #30 (AND APOLOGIES!)

ahh I know,I missed ten days.I've just really,really not been up to much they would have been of my dog or dinner.Which I just thought would have been boring!Also,for some reason our internet went over even though 99.9% of the time I'm on my phone,so I wasn't really allowed on my laptop(but it went over even when I stopped using it so my parents and sister were the offenders,not me as all I did was do a few blogposts,everything else I do on my phone!)Sorry for being so absent,I'll try to post more often(even though I'm sure no-one was saying oh no!Alice hasn't posted,my day will be worse now!)

I went to the beach yesterday with my Mum and Dad but stupidly only took videos,and got my mum to take a photo of me on the beach but it was so so windy and I had no make-up on so I don't really want to post that,haha.HOWEVER I made a banoffee pie when I got home so here's a photo of it:

It was so simple to make(just let me know if any of you want the recipe) and extremely delicious if I do say so myself!I was just in Tesco with my mum and I was like I would LOVE you to make a banoffee pie it's my favourite dessert and I haven't eaten it in years.Then I thought why don't I make it,so voila!

Okay going to post 2 snaps as it looked pretty cool before I covered it in cream! 


Louise,I've failed you!I really enjoyed taking snaps though and hope you enjoyed seeing them,let me know if you completed or even attempted the challenge so I can see your pictures!

Tag created by the beautiful Louise,who feels like my internet mummy and sister.