Monday, 1 July 2013

30 Day Snap #30 (AND APOLOGIES!)

ahh I know,I missed ten days.I've just really,really not been up to much they would have been of my dog or dinner.Which I just thought would have been boring!Also,for some reason our internet went over even though 99.9% of the time I'm on my phone,so I wasn't really allowed on my laptop(but it went over even when I stopped using it so my parents and sister were the offenders,not me as all I did was do a few blogposts,everything else I do on my phone!)Sorry for being so absent,I'll try to post more often(even though I'm sure no-one was saying oh no!Alice hasn't posted,my day will be worse now!)

I went to the beach yesterday with my Mum and Dad but stupidly only took videos,and got my mum to take a photo of me on the beach but it was so so windy and I had no make-up on so I don't really want to post that,haha.HOWEVER I made a banoffee pie when I got home so here's a photo of it:

It was so simple to make(just let me know if any of you want the recipe) and extremely delicious if I do say so myself!I was just in Tesco with my mum and I was like I would LOVE you to make a banoffee pie it's my favourite dessert and I haven't eaten it in years.Then I thought why don't I make it,so voila!

Okay going to post 2 snaps as it looked pretty cool before I covered it in cream! 


Louise,I've failed you!I really enjoyed taking snaps though and hope you enjoyed seeing them,let me know if you completed or even attempted the challenge so I can see your pictures!

Tag created by the beautiful Louise,who feels like my internet mummy and sister.

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