Monday, 1 July 2013

Songs I've Been Loving This Month!(June)

I think I'm going crazy since leaving school,is it bad I'm not sure whether I should have those capitals in the title or just the first word?!)
Anyway,I've been loving a lot of music recently so I thought I'd maybe start this feature and see how it goes!

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be
I really like quite a lot of Frank Turner's music,for a while I had We Shall Not Overcome on repeat,and after hearing this on the radio I'm currently loving The Way I Tend To Be ,it really relates to me and makes me feel really mushy.

Passenger - All The Little Lights

To be honest I've had his whole album on repeat and love every single song,but this one especially touches 

Bastille- Laura Palmer
Again,I love the whole album and have it on repeat when I'm in the shower but this is one of my favourite songs,along with Overjoyed and Icarus.ALL OF THEM!

Tom Odell- Another Love
I loved this when I first heard it on Radio 1 but now they've overplayed it,but I still love it,although it's extremely sad and makes me cry!It's beautiful.

Kodaline - All I want
Rediscovered this recently,I heard it a few months ago but listened to it and never downloaded it. I love this so much,it's really haunting and the video is so so touching.

I kind of have about ten more songs I've loved this month(it's July,just,but shh) but am beginning to overplay,like Treasure by Bruno Mars,but you're probably bored of me rambling!

(Wow no blogging for 10 days then 3 posts in one night is how I roll,I should space them out but I hate making drafts I want to post them now!)

What songs are you loving?

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