Monday, 1 July 2013

TAG:25 Things About Me!

25 Facts About Me!

(Cute toddler photo,can you guess which is me?!) 

1. I was born in Germany,I live in Scotland but I'm 100% English(long story)
2.I have two siblings, one is 20 and the other is 22(she doesn't find it cool that Taylor Swift's song relates to her,I do!)
3.I have 6 chickens a dog and a rabbit.
4.I love languages.
5. I'm scared  of change.
6.I'm scared of letting people in.
7. I hate how I look.
8.I'm 5'8
9. I love strawberries.
10. I am always always always hungry,my metabolism is crazy fast
11. I got into Youtube properly when someone at school told me I looked like Tanya Burr! After forgetting the name I tweeted the girl but she didn't reply,so I googled anya burr,and all sorts of names before finally finding Tanya!I don't see any similarity,I wish I looked like her though!)
12.I'm a clean freak.
13.But I' m extremely messy
14.I have my showers boiling hot
15. I don't believe  in God.
16. I'm 17(18 in 10 days!)
17. I only open up when I'm drunk.
18. I get attached very easily.
19. I love reading,mostly romantic books because I'm a sap.
20.I love romance films and romcoms.
21. I can't watch scary films or programmes because my mind spins and I have nightmares for months and am scared to go to bed(Crimewatch.Awful.)
22.I want to be fluent in French one day.
23. I love One Direction.
24. I love 'rubbish' tv,it's my favourite(Keeping Up With The Kardashians,Teen Mom,16 and Pregnant)
25. I could read blogs and watch YouTube videos all day!

I was tagged by the lovely Penny of you should go check out her blog :)
 I TAG: Lisa-
        Have a lovely evening(if you are in a different timezone,have a lovely evening tonight,or have a lovely sleep!)

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