Thursday, 6 June 2013

Favourite Blogs!

I'm just lying in my garden sunbathing and felt like blogging,so here I am!

I'm just going to highlight and write a little about my favourite blogs, just because.I remember a few years ago a post on tumblr going around linking to "schoee" blog,and it was an article on anxiety that I related to . I forgot about it for a few years but last year I found her blog again and started watching her YouTube videos, I'd also started watching other you tubers at this time.

So that takes me onto my first favourite Zoe's blog!  (Click the link to be taken to
(all copyright to Zoe for this photo)

I really love both Zoe's blog and youtube,she has a lovely bubbly personality and seems extremely genuine, the kind of person I'd love to have as a friend. Her videos and blog posts on just saying yes & panic attacks have really helped me and made me feel less alone.I could write a whole blog on this but I guess I'll stop here,this looks like an advertising segment bloggers do but it's not because I obviously have no audience and these lovely ladies have huge ones!

The second blog I love is the beautiful Louise ! (Sprinkleofglitter)
(all copyright goes to Louise for the beautiful photo)
I again first watched her YouTube videos,before hopping over to her blog. She is beautiful and so strong and such an inspiration to me, her blog and videos cheer me up on my worst days. I just want to give her a huge hug,she feels like a big sister to me!shes also a mama and her videos with Baby Glitter are the cutest thing ever. I aspire to be like her.

So these are my two main ones, I also love Tanya burr and others but don't venture onto her blog as often.


P.S ; how do I change my timezone on here because my posts say for example they were posted at 2pm when actually I post them at 10pm or something .
Eg just posting this at 3.50pm but it won't say that on my blog ?

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