Monday, 5 August 2013

TempleSpa; Purification Deep Cleansing Clay Mask - Review

My mum recently hosted a Temple Spa 'party' at our house,where basically someone who works for the company comes round and talks about the company's products,and the guests can order products if they wish. I've never really heard of the brand apart from my mum saying it was brilliant,but I assumed it was all for older women's skin. However,without me knowing my mum bought me the Cleansing Clay Mask without me knowing. It's especially for oily skin,and I have really oily skin.
I've used it three times now,as it says you can use daily,but will probably cut down to once every few days or once a week, I just wanted to see the effects.
Looks extremely appealing..

After just using this a couple of times,I have already seen a difference in my skin. You can leave it on for 5,10,or 20 minutes,and as I was short on time I firstly only used it for 5.

After a few minutes I started breaking out and panicked,but then read the information and saw that is the point,to draw out your impurities and clear the pores. After using it a couple more times my skin is clearing up,it is far less red and my pores are much less visible,as all the impurities have been drawn out of them.
I'll definitely continue using this as it is really working for my oily skin.

You can also dot it on problem areas and leave it on overnight,with the same effect,just cover your pillow with a towel!

I splash my face with cold water and exfoliate after using it,as this closes the pores and gets rid of the dead skin on my face.

The only slight con is the cost,this retails at £22, which is pretty steep. However,although it's extremely thick,I only needed about a 5p coin sized lump to cover my entire face.

I did take a photo of the mask on my face,but not sure you want to see that,it isn't the prettiest sight!

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